Master what it takes to start a highly profitable hair business.

From mane newbie to mane mogul. Enroll in my three foundational courses and end the struggle to make sales, be profitable and find a reliable hair supplier.

Enrollment opens in September and is limited to 24 seats.

Janice Wilson, Hair Company Coach
Mane Mogul Testimonial
"The program is an Ivy League crash course in the hair business. From the very first assignment, you are challenged to start building."
– Lillian Dion, Founder and CEO of God Wave the Queen

Lessons from the Trenches

Get the Real Deal

The hair extensions game isn't for the faint-hearted. And yet, despite the challenging journey, you've decided to go all in. But know that you don't have to go it alone.

That's where I come in. I spent 8 years in Southeast Asia and was the first to manufacture and export hair extensions from Cambodia. Starting from scratch, I developed a brand that earned over $1 million a year. And I did it ethically. Arjuni was a named Asia's top social enterprise two years running.

Together, we'll go on a three month journey, during which I'll invite you to learn from my mistakes and leverage my successes. Guiding you through my three foundational courses, I'll give you the playbook I wish I had. Step by step. By the end of our journey, you'll have not only built the foundations of a rock, solid hair extensions business, but have captured your first sales.

The Trifecta

What will I learn?

My three foundational courses will teach you my proven framework for mastering the hair extensions industry. You'll learn how to create your manespringTM; how to build a financial model; and how to secure your hair supply. Each course consists of four modules. While I recommend spending at least one week with each module, the pace you choose is entirely up to you.

Hair Extensions Business Course to Increase Sales

COURSE 01 | Make That Money, Honey

This course is the prerequisite for all of the others. It's the keystone upon which every, single one of your business decisions will be based.

Whether it's determining your pricing, crafting your branding or finding a hair supplier, the manespringTM you'll create in this course will serve as your internal compass.

It doesn't matter if you're starting from scratch or re-architecting an existing business. It doesn't matter if you're discouraged by market saturation or struggling to convert customers. I will teach you my strategies to discover a viable business before investing a single penny.

There is no better business validation than hard, cold sales. And by the end of this course, you'll have your first sales in the bag.

Hair Extensions Business Course to Learn How to Be Profitable

COURSE 02 | Model Like You Mean It

Learn how to build financial models and take the guesswork out of pricing; calculate how much is needed for your cash runway; and understand what it takes to be profitable.

If you've never worked a spreadsheet in your life or you "hate numbers", I got you. I'll provide you with a starter template and break down financial modelling in tasty bite-size nibbles.

By the end of this course, you'll not only know what a pro forma is, you'll know how to build your own. Just like me, you'll discover that your financial model is your BFF.

Prerequisite: Make That Money, Honey

Available in October
Hair Extensions Business Course to Find a Hair Supplier

COURSE 03 | Don't Be Hairried

Discover what the hair harvesting industry is really like from someone who lived it for 7 years.

Get the answers to burning questions like, "Am I paying too much for bundles?" "How do I find the higher end hair suppliers?" "Is drop-shipping really the best approach?" "How much hair should I purchase?"

When finished with this course, you'll know how to avoid pitfalls, safeguard your investment, choose your distribution model and ensure consistency as you make your first purchases.

Prerequisite: Model Like You Mean It

Available in November
Mane Mogul Testimonial
"I initially thought this was going to be too hard because I’ve never made 3 sales in one week. But I said to myself... create your Maneframe, think positive and get this done. And Bam! I sold 3 items in 3 days."
– LaRhonda Bester, Founder and CEO of Mane Kandy

The Package

What does each course include?

If you know anything about Arjuni, you know I don't do anything half ass. And I always lean exclusive. Each cohort is limited to 24 participants to ensure each mogul-in-the-making receives personal support.

  • 4 video sessions. Working a second or third job? Have kids? Going to school? All sessions are digestable on the go.
  • 4 challenges. Any successful business requires an investment that can at first seem daunting. But to counter paralysis, I'll give you bite-size, but substantive, challenges to ensure you move closer to financial independence.
  • Monthly office hours. Each month you'll have me live. And can ask me anything.
  • Templates galore. Everything from hair supplier checklists to a starter pro forma.
  • Private community. Solely for you and your motivated, invested cohort to collaborate, seek feedback and share hard fails as well as the earned triumphs.
Janice Wilson, Hair Business Consultant

The Right Fit

Is this course for me?

Yes, if you've wanted to launch your own hair company for ages, but have no clue where to start.

Yes, if you've started your own hair extensions business but don't know how to growth hack it.

Yes, if you're not interested in spending months on a business plan, and would rather grow a business rather than write about one.

Yes, if you've had to press pause because you're just barely covering your expenses and sometimes, not even barely.

Yes, if you were swindled by a hair supplier and are nervous about getting back into the game.

Yes, if you're seeking structure, accountability and motivation.

Yes, if you're not afraid to dig in and get your hands dirty as long as you know you're digging the right hole.

Yes, if you're ready to stop dreaming of being an independent business owner, and start walking those dreams.

The Coach

Who is Janice?

Janice, founder of Arjuni

About your coach, Janice Wilson JD + SDE

I dropped out of law school to tour as a professional dancer with Wynton Marsalis and Michael Bublé. After dancing internationally for six years, I managed to sneak back into Columbia; graduate; then practice real estate law, focusing on mixed-use urban development. After a few years, the World Bank recruited me to propose alternative uses for shuttered real estate properties in Cambodia. For my contributions, they awarded me a grant having nothing to do with real estate. The World Bank set me to the task of manufacturing a new export.

Always up for a challenge, I pioneered hair sourcing and production in Cambodia, while providing employment for women at-risk. Being the first American to have established primary operations in the country from which human hair is sourced, I gained a unique and powerful expertise in the collection and production of human hair products. Further, due to my creative branding strategies and offerings, Arjuni become a trendsetter in the hair supply industry. The social enterprise was deemed Asia’s best in 2014 and featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, Essence and BBC. Having built the first successful e-commerce website in Cambodia and raise three rounds of funding, I served as an advisor to the Cambodian Minister of Commerce for two years.

Check out more about my origin story in Huffpost.

The Reassurance

What if?

Any Mane Moguls course you purchase comes with a rock solid 7-day, 100% money back guarantee. You've nothing to lose and mastery of the hair game to gain. Invest in your business. Invest in your success.

Janice Wilson, Hair Company Consultant
"Give me 7 days to blow your mind and show you the path to profitability. If you don't think I've delivered, I'll give you a full refund. Guaranteed."
– Janice Wilson, Founder and CEO of Arjuni

The Gentle Nudge

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