The Origin Story of Mane Moguls

I love being an entrepreneur. Through and through.There's just something about steering your own ship that's not only freeing, but deeply fulfilling.

However, for anyone who has steered their own ship, they know the weather gets stormy. And without knowledge transfer, collaboration and support, we battle the same damn storms again and again.

I created Mane Moguls to be the mechanism that ensures women who start their own ventures in the hair industry stop battling the same storms alone without encouragement or guidance.

Mane Moguls is a safe haven for tresspreneurs to vent their frustrations, provide thoughtful feedback, cheer their peers and most important, share how they've triumphed over tribulation. I hold myself to that same standard and share my own hard fails as well my success.

If you've felt alone, overwhelmed, stuck, frustrated, scared at the enormity of launching and growing a profitable hair extensions business, you've found your new home.

Janice Wilson, Hair Company Consultant
Janice, founder of Arjuni

About your coach, Janice Wilson JD + SDE

I dropped out of law school to tour as a professional dancer with Wynton Marsalis and Michael Bublé. After dancing internationally for six years, I managed to sneak back into Columbia; graduate; then practice real estate law, focusing on mixed-use urban development. After a few years, the World Bank recruited me to propose alternative uses for shuttered real estate properties in Cambodia. For my contributions, they awarded me a grant having nothing to do with real estate. The World Bank set me to the task of manufacturing a new export.

Always up for a challenge, I pioneered hair sourcing and production in Cambodia, while providing employment for women at-risk. Being the first American to have established primary operations in the country from which human hair is sourced, I gained a unique and powerful expertise in the collection and production of human hair products. Further, due to my creative branding strategies and offerings, Arjuni become a trendsetter in the hair supply industry. The social enterprise was deemed Asia’s best in 2014 and featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, Essence and BBC. Having built the first successful e-commerce website in Cambodia and raise three rounds of funding, I served as an advisor to the Cambodian Minister of Commerce for two years.

Check out more about my origin story in Huffpost.

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